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Daily Blog

This is fragments of the experiences I have encountered through out my journey. These stories dwell in both fiction and reality. Through my blog I wish to bring some deeply buried emotions on surface which are seldom unheard and unsaid.
Someone once told me!
Someone once told me! RUN, someone told me once. From this city lights which blurs your vision and don't let you see present running in...
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I told you I am liar but you still believed in me. May be this was the reason I let you roam into darkest corners...
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House in the Woods
Let me make you a home in woods, just for us, far from city lights. In winters when tree will wear snow feathered overcoats, I’ll...
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How to win an argument?
There is a huge difference between proving a point and proving other person wrong. Unfortunately, people often take both as latter. As soon as we...
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Travel Diaries

As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Life is a journey, not a destination". My travel dairies aren't travelogues but the learning and collection of my understanding of nature.
Kinnaur Kailash
Thank you for patience. This blog will be posted soon.
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Thank you for patience. This blog will be posted soon.
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